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Friday, January 28, 2011

TJED for Teens Book List

Thomas Jefferson Education for TeensI love the TJED for Teens book. I found it helpful for me to learn more about being the type of mentor my children need. It also helped me to see how to give my teens direction based on their personal Mission. I highly recommend this book for all home educating families, even if all your children are young.

I have been working on a TJED based transcript for high school based largely on the Teen 100 Book List (see below) from this book as I posted here. Our state requires that a credit is "100 hours" of learning in that subject. I'm finding that we have a lot more than 100 hours in areas like American Literature, American History, Ancient History, Latin, etc. Especially if we include the time to read the classics and write essay's about what they read.


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